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Frugal Arlington Heights Holiday Gift Guide

December 18, 2010

Something Unique

Brie’s Gift Gallery 710 E Northwest Hwy, Mount Prospect, 847-577-5228

This classy and charmingly quirky boutique sells hand-beaded vintage glass bead and crystal jewelry, accessories, gift items, mixed with chic antiques and Asian-retro collectibles. Especially beautiful is the beaded jewelry, priced from $12-$120 (sometimes on sale) hand-crafted from vintage glass beads and crystal by the mother-daughter team of Annamarie and Brigid McAlpin. Tucked among the jewelry are felted flower pins, barkcloth-covered pin-cushions embellished with figurines, ribbon and pins ($30-40), dainty stained-glass boxes and retro art, vases, and figurines. There are also unique holiday items, like the painted clay ornaments crafted from vintage german cookie molds. The ladies are can also box and wrap your gifts. Brigid also runs an estate-sale business, and can answer your questions about antiques.

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Brie's Gift Gallery
700 East Busse Avenue
Mount Prospect, IL 60056-3454 United States
Phone: 847-253-3986